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Geoff shows how — and why — you
should crush your cans

Womble Geoff demonstrates how and why you should stomp your cans.
BEWARE: Clicking on the photo will reveal Geoff’s near-naked legs :-0

Brilliant Bethany gets the message across

John Nowell with a bale of crushed cans alongside the one-tonne builder’s bags they might replace
Mark his words…

Counting kilos, not cans
The Rotary Club of Shepshed, with help from the schoolchildren members of its Interact Club provided a ‘Big Red Bin’ in Glenmore Park, in the town to make it easy for people to donated cans to the Helipads For Hospitals, campaign. Occasionally, thanks to the good folk of the town, it fills more quickly than … Continue readingCounting kilos, not cans