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If Calvin can, we all can!

Bourne’s youngest litter warrior Calvin has been rewarded by Supporters for his part in making Bourne a better place and for saving cans to help save lives

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It’s good to start ’em young…

Calvin P is only 3½ years old. but already he is a regular donor to our can bank in Bourne, Lincolnshire. We agree with his mum that he is an excellent example… to people of all ages.

A great day and then… OOOOPS!

What could go wrong? Four people report that Barrow’s bin needs emptying. Ninety minutes later it’s empty.
Time for home… OOOOPS!

A dry November day… just right for a spring clean

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Beth’s Big Yellow Bin

GP Beth Haswell has bought some wheelie bins to encourage friends and neighbours to donate cans. For details, please click on the photo

Belton’s Big Red Bin

Belton, near Loughborough, is the latest Leicestershire village to get a ‘can bank’ to encourage people to donate aluminium cans to Helipads For Hospitals. To read the full story, please click on the photo of the Big Red Bin with parish council chair Nicola Burbidge Mullen and fundraiser Bev Wilson

Hear John’s Radio Leicester interview here

H4H founder John Nowell was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester on Saturday 19.09.2020.

You can listen to it by clicking on the image above. The link will take you to our page where you can click again to hear the interview. Make sure your speaker is turned on. Use the orange slider to skip to 20:15 in for the start of the 10-minute chat.


Supporters make the most of the space available for the thousands of cans in store in ‘our’ articulated trailer.

It’s not just cans…

Heat exchanger: 15.5kg of useful aluminium

Did you see or hear the Spitfire fly over LRI?

Wonderful Wombles hit 100,000 mark

This is Sam… be like Sam

This is Sam… Click here to read why you should be like Sam

Bourne’s got a Big Red Bin

Lincolnshire town gets charity’s ninth ‘can bank’, thanks to Rotary, Inner Wheel, Round Table and the local council…

Wow! What a start!

The staff and 85 pupils at Knossington Grange Therapeutic School in Rutland started collecting cans in February 2020. And, despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they have already handed over 10,500 cans to Helipads For Hospitals.

Barrow’s BRB arrives

H4H’s newest Big Red Bin has landed in Barrow Upon Soar — thanks to the generosity of a villager.
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Geoff shows how — and why — you
should crush your cans

Womble Geoff demonstrates how and why you should stomp your cans.
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Brilliant Bethany gets the message across

John Nowell with a bale of crushed cans alongside the one-tonne builder’s bags they might replace
Mark his words…

Counting kilos, not cans
Supporters in Shepshed, with help from the schoolchildren members of its Interact Club provided a ‘Big Red Bin’ in Glenmore Park, in the town to make it easy for people to donated cans to the Helipads For Hospitals, campaign. Occasionally, thanks to the good folk of the town, it fills more quickly than … Continue readingCounting kilos, not cans