Lockdown eases: Cans start flowing

The contents of Shepshed’s Big Red Bin decanted into builders’ bags

On the first day that the UK Government eased the rules around COVID Lockdown, we emptied the Big Red Bin in Glenmore Park, Shepshed, of a one-tonne bag of aluminium cans. Every one will be added to our store of the one million we will need as raw material for a helipad so Air Ambulances can land in the grounds (or on the roof) of Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Later that day we went to Fosse Road North where Ady ‘the Can Man’ had three bin bags full of crushed and dried cans — exactly how we like them. Ady https://www.facebook.com/ady.tablet.942 was keen to give a first run-out of his newly-refurbished trolley branded with the Helipads For Hospitals sign. Thank, you, Ady!

From there, it was off to Broughton Astley, where Diane Forster had several big bags ready to be taken. Thanks, Diane.

Then, a short distance away, if was a call at Claire Dunphy’s home where there was about 2,500 cans donated by villagers in Huncote and the girls and boys brigade in trust Huncote. Thank you, Claire, and thank you, boys and girls.

All told, Ady, Diane and Claire had filled three and a half one-tonne bags.

Cans — not mackerel –by the thousand. Click on the photo to see and hear a video. Does the video remind you of mackerel being emptied from a trawler’s net? Or is it just us?

But then Lorne Kind, of Kinds Of Queniborough, https://www.facebook.com/kindsofqueniborough1/ pitched up with thousands of cans which his family, friends, business, staff and customers had donated.

So a trip to the trailer where the cans are being stored suddenly became very necessary. And the need for more one-tonne builders’ bags is urgent, too.

And that’s all before our friends in the South Leicestershire Litter Wombles https://www.facebook.com/groups/604107836721038/add the results of their socially-distanced litter-picking exploits to our collection.

So, if you or your friends have one-tonne builders’ bags like those in the images here, and if you have cans to collect, please e-mail us or call us on 0795 197 2914. But please be patient; it might take a while for us to catch up.

Last edited: 15:15 on 15.05.2020