Womble Geoff shows how — and why — you should crush cans

Womble Geoff shows how and why you should stomp your cans

Many of the supporters of Helipads For Hospitals will recognise Geoff W.

He is often seen out alone or with other members of South Leicestershire Litter Wombles collecting bags and bags of litter from streets and roads. Behind the scenes, Geoff is the link between the Wombles and H4H.

Not everyone, though, has seen exactly why he has earned the nickname of Stompin’ Geoff. And you may wonder why he gets his leg pulled.

Speaking of legs, WE MUST WARN YOU that the video you can see by clicking on the photo below, you will see Geoff’s near-naked legs in action 🙂

But don’t let that deter you from watching and hearing Geoff explain why —and how — you should flatten, not just squish, the cans you pass on to the charity.

We at Helipads For Hospitals thank all the Wombles — but particularly Geoff. In a recent post he reported that as soon as possible after his home was removed from the Lockdown Leicester area, we had to make three journeys to his home to collect the cans. If he hadn’t stomped the cans, that would have been more like six 17-mile round-trips between him and our storage facility.

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