Crushed cans = fewer trips and better environment

John Nowell with a bale of crushed cans beside the one-tonne builders’s bags they coud replace

As the word of Helipads For Hospitals grows and we get more and more people donating more and more cans, the question of space becomes more and more important.

That’s one reason we like it when people crush the cans before dropping them off at a donation point or asking us to collect them. Another reason is that crushed cans generally contain less of what they held, and that means less beer and Coke sloshing about in our vehicles!

Space is at a premium because the 45ft-long lorry trailer we have been loaned is very nearly full to its ceiling.

Helipads For Hospitals charity founder John Nowell, who drives thousands of miles a year collecting drinks cans so the aluminium can be recycled into a helipad at Leicester Royal Infirmary, has been investigating using a hydraulic crusher, so we can fit more cans into the trailer.

Whatever happens, we need to find other places where we can store donated cans and other aluminium products.

So, if you know someone with a few hundred square feet of space – maybe in a lorry, a garage or a shed – please get in touch. Our need for the space is (forgive the pun) pressing.

It’s no exaggeration to say that without the support of our anonymous current storage partner we could not make the progress to the million cans we need at the pace that we are doing.

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