Helipads For Hospitals is a UK charity founded by former RAF and Air Ambulance helicopter pilot John Nowell.

It is registered (# 1177218) with the Charity Commission, whose relevant page can be visited here

The aim is to collect about one million drinks cans and other unwanted aluminium items (i. e. saucepans) and to use the raw material to form an alloy strong enough to build a helipad on site at hospitals.

The first priority is Leicester Royal Infirmary, where air ambulance helicopters currently have to land on Nelson Mandela Park so the patients — often critically ill —have to be transferred to road ambulances and driven to the Accident and Emergency Department, about ¾ of a mile away.

The route the wheeled ambulances have to take around the Tigers ground in Welford Road

Even when traffic is light, and drivers are considerate, this added distance can add minutes to a journey when speed is vital.

So, by recycling aluminium, H4H will reduce the need to mine bauxite for aluminium. It takes 20 times as much energy to make an aluminium can as it does to recycle one, so we will save energy. By picking up litter, including cans, we are helping to save our environment, too.

And who knows how many lives we might save?

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