It’s not just cans…

Heat exchanger: 15.5kg

It is not just drinks cans that we want…

As we recognised when we emptied our first articulated trailer load of cans, an ironing board, some pots and pans and even some crutches, the crucial ‘metric’ is weight, not the number of cans.

We need about 80 tonnes of aluminium for each helipad we provide. We (actually Geoff Walker and Phil Marriott) calculated that means about 5.7 million cans if they weigh an average of 14 grammes.

Two stairlift rails: 19kg and one heat exchanger equals about 2,464 cans

Today Jo and Phil W, from Belton, near Loughborough gave us a couple of lengths of extruded aluminium which until recently had been the track for a stairlift. The shorter one weighed 7.9kg. The longer one weighed 11.1kg. Together, they weighed an impressive 19kg.

Jo also delivered an aluminium heat exchanger from the back of a boiler. It weighed 15.5kg.

So, three items weighed 34.5kg —about 2,464 cans.

We didn’t ask Jo if she had crushed her contribution 🙂 and there is no danger of them making the car stink of Guinness and Coke!

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7 thoughts on “It’s not just cans…”

    1. Hi Nicola
      Thanks for your question.
      Aluminium cans can be left at any of our ‘can banks’. There’s a list of locations on this website.
      Larger items can be collected by us. Please e-mail us, giving us your phone number and street address so we can arrange to come and pick up big items.
      You’ll see on this website that recently we have been given an ironing board, pots and pans, crutches and even the rails from a stair lift!

    2. Good Morning Nicola, there are Big Red Recycling Bins at the General Hospital (next to the Lei Charity building), at Franklin Park Braunstone, Co-ops at Enderby, Birstall and Barrow-upon-Soar. More coming. Best John Nowell, Founder.

  1. In response to an article in our local paper I also deposited aluminium foil in my local bin. Is this accepted?

    1. Hi Corinne, Yes aluminium foil is also accepted. Preferably rinsed before donation. Thanks for your support. Best wishes, Katie.

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