Founder John on Radio Leicester. Can you answer his question?

H4H founder John Nowell was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester on Saturday 19.09.2020.

You can listen to it by clicking on the image above. Make sure your speaker is turned on. Use the orange slider to skip to 20:15 in for the start of the 10-minute chat.

At the start, John asked this question of listeners: “How many cans are thrown away in the UK each week?”

You’ll have to listen to the end of Andy Pierce’s interview to find out the answer.

George, from Syston, rang in with his guess. Generous John reckoned it was close enough to warrant getting the prize he had offered… a copy of his book A Day Above Leicestershire.

If you are not George, from Syston, but you would still like to see John’s compilation of stunning aerial photos of Leicestershire, click on the image to buy one.

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