It’s landed… Barrow’s BRB!

Members of the Barrow Footpath Group with the Big Red Bin bought by Liz Goldsworthy (centre) and Mick Houghton together with the Co-op’s Lauren Hudson. Standing at the back is former helicopter pilot John Nowell, who created the charity.

Helipads For Hospitals has its newest BRB –the Big Red Bin – for people to donate their empty aluminium cans.

It was delivered to the car park behind the Co-op in High Street, Barrow Upon Soar, by Helipads For Hospitals charity founder John Nowell.

Among the welcoming committee was Co-op team member Lauren Hudson, with Barrow Footpath Group members Annette Richardson, Andy and Catherine Northcote Smith and Liz Goldsworthy and Mick Houghton.

The bin was bought thanks to a big donation by Liz and Mick.

Liz e-mailed H4H on June 27 saying she wanted to help. In a phone conversation the next day she asked: “Where do I send the money?”

Two days later, she transferred the money electronically into the Charitable Trust (where it could attract 25 per cent Gift Aid).

Liz said: “Soon after I moved into Barrow in 2016, I needed some intensive medical treatment. The service I got at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital was wonderful I just want to give something back.”

Leicester Royal Infirmary will be the first hospital to get a helipad built onsite for Air Ambulances. The helipad will be made of the aluminium – mainly drinks cans – donated to the charity.

Uniformed Barrow Footpaths Group members and donors of the bin Liz and Mick flanking one of the group leaders Annette Richardson

Many of the cans which will be donated in the Barrow BRB will have been collected by Barrow Footpath Group, led by Annette. Members regularly go out into their community with litter-picker sticks and bags to remove litter from their village. Liz and Mick are members of the group, too.

Other villagers already helping H4H are Nathan and Danielle at the Conservative Club. They and their customers have donated thousands of cans.

Helipads For Hospitals founder John Nowell said: “We hope this new donation point will encourage even more people to donate their empty aluminium cans. Every day in the UK, five million are thrown away.”

Leicester Novus Rotary Club president Sarita Shah and club treasurer Deepak Karia join the line-up with John Nowell, a member of Stamford St Martin’s Rotary Club and at the back (accidentally making Mick look a bit like Zaphod Beeblebrox) Novus Rotarian Jim Matthews.

So anyone finding that the bin is full of donated cans can ring 0795 197 2914 and the bin can be emptied promptly.

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