It’s good to start ’em young

Calvin P crushes another can at the Bourne Big Red Bin

Calvin P may only be 3½, but he is already a regular donor to Helipads For Hospitals.

At least four times a week Calvin he gets his mum or dad, or both, our collecting litter. Wherever they go, he has them walk home a different way so he can find some more litter.

Mum and Dad are both keen runners and they now have to carry bags and litter-pickers to supplement the work that the South Kesteven Litter Pickers do.

Mum Aimee now goes out litter-picking during her lunch break from work.

Aimee reckons her son has donated hundreds if not thousands of cans into our Big Red Bin in Bourne, not far from their family home.

And, as you can see in the photo, Calvin is keen to stand on tip-toe to reach the crusher attached to the bin.

Understandably, Calvin thrives on the praise he gets when other pedestrians compliment him on doing such a good bit of social service.

Aimee is pretty chuffed too. As she says, “It’s by encouraging such good habits now, that issue of litter will be reduced in the future, while supporting such good causes as Helipads For Hospitals.”

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