Brilliant, Bethany!

Bethany and her black bin with sign

Not only has Bethany T and her mum Nicola collected and crushed 1,700 cans for Helipads For Hospitals, but the 15-year-old has designed an eye-catching poster.

The poster is on a black bin at the front of their Earl Shilton home, encouraging friends and neighbours to recycle their cans.

So the cans are prevented from becoming litter or landfill, and instead will be transformed into a helipad at Leicester Royal Infirmary. And when that’s done, another helipad will be offered to the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham.

In truth, by that time, creative Bethany might have started a degree course in art and design. Whatever the future holds for Bethany, she can feel satisfied that she is doing her bit to help save the environment and maybe help save lives, too.

And that goes for everyone who helps Helipads For Hospitals!

Bethany gets the message across

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