It’s November, but dry… time for a spring clean!

Before: The poster was badly faded and stained

November 17 dawned in Leicestershire dry, if not exactly sun-kissed.

So, having picked up bags of cans from Jaimie G at Croft and Rob and Linda F, at Glenfield, it seemed sensible to empty the Big Red Bin at Shepshed — the first Helipads For Hospitals installed, thanks to Shepshed Rotary and it’s Interact Club for teenagers.

After 30 minutes of scrubbing, it was time to apply a new poster and a not stressing that the can bank was only for aluminium cans.

After: As bright red as a fire engine

We hope the good folk of Shepshed will take note of the request to use the can bank only for cans. It has been very upsetting in recent weeks to have found some lovely toys (including stuffed bears and pink unicorns) apparently intended to help our friends the Air Ambulance charity put in our bin instead and irreparably damaged by being doused in dark beer and dark soft drinks.

We thank everyone who donates cans either at Shepshed or by asking us to pop out to their homes — particularly if there are lots of cans to collect and they have been crushed into as small a space as possible.

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