Rotary busy housekeeping

Pradip stacking bags with Pritesh, John and Jim looking upwards

Because we have so many kind donors giving us aluminium, when we deliver one-tonne builders’ bags containing up to 2,000 drinks cans, we do not always have the time, nor the bodies, to stack them safely.

So in recent weeks we have had two working parties to stack the bags five deep to makes the most of the space in the articulated trailer. We lost track of how many bags — let alone guessing at the number of cans — we have, but we know we have them stacked safely and are using the space we have most efficiently.

The first time our trailer was emptied charity John Nowell and our benefactor Andy had to spent hours emptying the black plastic bin bags that most of our cans arrive in. Next time, they won’t have to, because we ‘decanted’ them.

Our thanks to Novus Rotary president Sarita Shah and her brother Pritesh and to immediate past president Maya Vansia and her husband Pradip for joining Stamford St Martins member John Nowell and Novus member Jim Matthews so we had six people — and only four in the trailer — thereby maintaining soon-to-be-introduced social distancing laws.

Last edited: 16:45 on 12.09.2020