Like David and Margaret Knight (see below) Katie Chitham, who has been a very active South Leicestershire Litter Womble during her school’s Lockdown closure, is also collecting bottle tops and crisp packets. She is also amassing quite a collection of writing equipment for charity.
But that busy-ness did not prevent her from collecting cans from fellow Womble Diana Neal. Together, their 15 bin bags filled nearly three one-tonne builders bags at the H4H storage facility where the 45ft long trailer is very nearly full to its ceiling (see below).
Thank you, Wombles Katie and Diana.
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Piled high… the one-tonne builder’s bags are piled four high, almost reaching the ceiling in the mouth of the articulated lorry trailer

David and Margaret Knight are not only collecting cans for Helipads For Hospitals, but also crisp packets and plastic bottle tops for other charities. The packets and bottle tops were collected from Groby along with three bags of cans.
Thank you, David and Margaret

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Loughborough Hospital’s first donation… a big bag of cans on an ironing board

Someone working at Loughborough Hospital spotted a Helipads For Hospitals flier and started collecting cans… and not only cans. They were collected on Monday, 06.07.2020

Ironing board, door frame… all aluminium. All donated aluminium will help us build helipads at hospitals with an A&E department

Thanks, everyone at Loughborough Hospital
This all happened on the day that businessman Lorne Kind of Kinds of Queniborough and Deepak Karia, of Novus Rotary, helped pack our first articulated lorry trailer to the ceiling with thousands of cans.
Thanks, Lorne and Deepark
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Zack with some some of the bags of cans

It’s amazing what we can do when we work together. Belton Litter Pickers and Shepshed Litter Pickers got together on Wednesday, July 1, 2020.
Among them was 13-year-old Zack, who was busy with his mum, Gill Moore. The family from Shepshed have been contributing cans for quite a while. And, thanks to Gill, we have been given quite a few one-tonne builder’s bags, which have become crucial to the way we transport and store the cans.
Thanks, Zack and Gill
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When Sara Brudenell e-mailed to say she had read about H4H on the Facebook page and had some cans to donate, we offered to collect them. “No,” she said, “I’m coming from Ramsey, Peterborough, to see family and friends – I’ll bring them to you.”
And that’s just what she did. There may have been only one small bag of cans but we are grateful to her and to everyone because we agree with Asda that every little helps.
Thanks, Sara, we’re glad you had a good time seeing your family here in Leicestershire for the first time in months.
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Sandra Kenny from Melton Mowbray has again donated drinks cans to the Helipads For Hospitals appeal.
Thanks, Sandra. Much appreciated.
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Barrow Upon Soar Connie Club… can donators, raffle ticket buyers

Not only did Danielle and Nathan Armiger collect enough cans to fill a one-tonne builder’s bag, but they handed over £30 raised by raffling a giant Easter egg at Barrow upon Soar Conservative Club. They’re really looking forward to opening the club next Saturday, July 4.
Thanks, Danielle and Nathan… and all your customers who add to our can collection
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Emma Stewart moved into Anstey only a couple of years ago. She says she has not made a lot of friends there. Yet, she donated nine bin bags of cans which she has amassed during Lockdown.
Thanks Emma.
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It was a real family affair again when Cees Valk dropped off eight bin bags of cans at the home of H4H volunteer Jim Matthews… his mother-in-law, Ruth, who lives near Jim just happened to be passing by and was keen to see what her son-in-law was up to.
So, thanks, Cees and the members of the Rotary Clubs of Bradgate and Leicester De Montfort.
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Lorne Kind and his van with four bags packed with hundreds of cans

Businessman Lorne Kind has been working throughout the COVID-19 crisis, delivering hot and cold meals to his customers across Leicestershire. But he has also been asking family and friends to donate aluminium cans to provide a helipad at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Lorne, (nephew of H4H volunteer Jim Matthews) has gone further, putting a bin near his home in Queniborough and leafleting his neighbours asking them to drop their used drinks cans there, and now he has offered to help collect cans from other donors on Tuesdays when he drives from Market Harborough, Lutterworth, Kibworth, Cosby, and Hinckley.
That is very kind of you, Mr Kind… Thank you, Lorne
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Despite shielding during Lockdown, Cynthia Davies, of Cosby, has donated nine bags of drinks cans to Helipads For Hospitals, some of her own and some from folk she knows.
Thanks, Cynthia
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Not only does Mark Dunphy collect — and encourage others to collect — cans for Helipads For Hospitals, but he crushes them and counts them.
Thanks, Mark, and Croft Football Club, Huncote Girls/Boys Brigade, Croft Litter Wombles for the 5,000-plus cans you have donated so far
Last edited: 14:20 on 17.06.2020

Here at H4H we used to have time to count cans and to crush them. As our campaign has grown, we’re having difficulty keeping track of the one-tonne builder’s bags which are so vital to the way we transport and store the cans.
Thanks, Gill Moore (via Phil Marriott), Stuart Preston, Chris Trivett and others for donating more of these much-needed bags
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Golfers across the UK would have been celebrating that relaxation of Lockdown rules means they can get back on course.
Thanks, Bev Southerden and the members of Glen Gorse Golf Club, Oadby, and the ladies of Leicester De Montfort Tangent for collecting cans for us
Last edited: 14:20 on 17.06.2020

Ady (The Can Man) is well known in his part of Leicester for clearing the streets of litter of all sorts. Every fortnight or so we go there to fill our car boot with cans he has collected.
Thanks, Ady
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Thanks to Mandy Stretton, of Cropston, for asking her builders to give us three one-tonne bags which are vital to our transportation and storage.
Mandy’s gate bears this old sign from the LNER. It made us 🙂
Thanks, Mandy — and your builders. Nice wall. Nice gate!

Thank you to Jock, and — soon — Vipers RFC. Jock has promised us some one-tonne builders’ bags which we rely on. He has also promised to talk to his rugby club, Vipers, about getting them to collect cans for us.
Thanks, Jock and Vipers. We hope you’ll be meeting soon post-COVID-19

Thank you to Norman Bell and Cheryl Young, of Thurcaston who sought out an empty one-tonne bag from the garden and promised us more when the others are empty. A few days later they not only gave another bag… but delivered it, too!
Thank you… and yes, we will come and help you empty the other bags! 🙂
St Patrick’s Day, 2020 and 26.03.2020

Thanks to the unnamed man in Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest West, for so generously coming to the door in his dressing gown, listening to the reason why H4H needs one-tonne builders’ bags and giving us four with a promise of more to come.
Thank you, sir. We hope you enjoyed your shower when you got back into it 🙂
St Patrick’s Day, 2020

Thanks, again, to Can Man Ady for his four bin bags of crushed cans.
Thanks, Ady
St Patrick’s Day, 2020

Thanks to Matt M for giving Helipads For Hospital a one-tonne builder’s bag so crucial to the way the charity collects, transports and stores the thousands of cans we are given.
Thanks, Matt. Keep the football faith!
St Patrick’s Day, 2020

Thanks to the good people of Shepshed who filled the Big Red Bin in Glenmore Park with thousands of cans (and some Christmas decorations, model Santas, some clothes and some handbags clearly intended for the yellow Air Ambulance bin alongside).
St Patrick’s Day, 2020

Big Red Bin in Shepshed with overflow

Thanks to Michael and the staff at Zeph’s Cafe, Oadby for encouraging customers to donate cans and then rinsing them and crushing them.
Thank you, Michael and everyone
Friday, March 13, 2020

Thanks to the big-hearted Rotarians of the Heart of England, money was raised for another Big Red Bin. Pleae click here for the report
Thank you, Bala and Paul and D1060 Rotarians
Wednesday, February 11, 2020

Thanks to Andrew Neale for the use of his 45ft articulated trailer which has revolutionised the way H4H stores and transports cans.
Please click here for the report
Thanks, Andrew.

Thanks to Jason Tottey for giving us loads of one-tonne builders’ bags… exactly what we need to store the cans in and to transport them.
Thanks, Jason. Enjoy your landscaping project! 🙂

Thanks to Ady A for his donation of a load of cans… many of them cleaned and crushed… just the way we like them!
Thanks, Ady.

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