Great news… and then OOOOPS!

It’s always great when a whole community takes ownership of of a good cause.

Barrow-upon-Soar is a case in point. A few short months ago a villager put up the cash to enable the village to have a Big Reg Bin can bank in the car park at the Co-op.

Annette Richardson has kindly agreed to keep an eye on it and to let H4H know when it needs filling.

On the beautiful clear-blue-sky morning of November 19 Four people called her to tell her the bin needed emptying. Annette, good as her word, called us. Because Barrow is en route to our storage facility and we often empty it on the way to our store. it’s the first time it has ever got so full.

Annette generously praised us for promising to get there within about 90 minutes.

What could possibly go wrong?

Having emptied the Big Red Bin and loaded the cans into our borrowed trailer, we reversed into a space where normally there is no other vehicle.

This morning, though, there was a vehicle. A big vehicle. A low-loader. Loaded with scaffolding gear. A substantial vehicle. More solid, more weight, than the Toyota Verso that Katie C at Countesthorpe calls the Tardis.

You can see the result here.

Apologies to Lauren S, who was expecting to see us first thing in the morning.

And to anyone else who has cans to collect. COVID means that the body shop at our garage cannot start until the beginning of December. If you need cans collecting, please get in touch in the usual way and H4H founder John Nowell will try to find a way to get to you sooner rather than later.

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