If Calvin can, we all can!

I CAN do it!

Calvin Pratt is a truly amazing young boy.

Aged just 3 ½, he is waging a war against the litter in Bourne, Lincolnshire, and has been concentrating his efforts on collecting any aluminium cans which he finds and puts in the Big Red Bin at the entrance to the Corn Exchange car park in the town centre.

He is so keen that he has even roped in his parents, insisting that they go out each day to different parts of the town searching for litter and cans.

The Big Red Bin, donated to the town by the Rotary Club of Bourne with help from Bourne Inner Wheel and Bourne Round Table, is a receptacle for any aluminium cans and clean foil which are then sent for smelting for Helipads for Hospitals.

Rotary president Steve hands Calvin his certificate

The charity’s aim is to provide enough aluminium for helipads to be built in the grounds of major hospitals. That way, precious minutes will be saved when the the Air Ambulance Service delivers critically-ill patients. These vital minustes can save lives.

Calvin, by collecting in more than 100 cans each week, is not only helping to keep Bourne tidy but he is making a valuable contribution towards saving lives.

So impressed are the members of the Bourne Rotary Club, the Inner Wheel and Bourne Round Table that recently their respective Presidents made presentations to him as he was putting his latest collection into the bin.

Calvin and Rotary president Steve with Calvin’s proud parents

President Steve presented Calvin with a Certificate of Appreciation to put up in his bedroom and a £25 book token as he is very keen on books and is eagerly learning to read.

Round Table gave Calvin an early Christmas present of a model Tonka dumper truck.

H4H hope Santa will give them a truck — or maybe just a Transit-style van — to help make gather the cans in a more sustainable way.

Article and photos by The Rotary Club of Bourne.

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