Counting kilos, not cans

Big Red Bin with overflow 13.03.2020

The Rotary Club of Shepshed, with help from the schoolchildren members of its Interact Club provided a ‘Big Red Bin’ in Glenmore Park, in the town to make it easy for people to donated cans to the Helipads For Hospitals, campaign.

Occasionally, thanks to the good folk of the town, it fills more quickly than it can be emptied. And, thanks to parish council clerk Brenda Snape the unsightly overspill is not left long, because she calls H4H and the charity gets there as soon as possible to clear up.

It was just so on March 13, 2020 when John Nowell went to empty the bin.

John Nowell with bags of cans and the trailer which has been loaned to the charity

Inside the big red bin is a one-tonne builder’s bag which can contain up to about 3,000 cans, if they are all crushed. Most are not. To try to keep track of how the appeal is going, John has bought a hand-held set of scales.

After weighing the bag, along with others, John hoisted them into the 45ft long lorry trailer being loaned by a friend of the charity.

John Nowell weighs cans, rather than count them.
Please click on the photo to see and hear how much this bag weighed

The bags John hoisted into the trailer weighed:

36kgs, 40kgs, 60kgs, 55 kgs, 55kgs, 25kgs, 40kgs, and 60kgs
making the average for the eight bags loaded that day to 46kgs.

Filling up… a dozen bags in the trailer

As you can see, the need is not only for cans.. but for the big one-tonne builders’ bags that the cans are stored in and transported to Stocken Prison where the aluminium will be crushed an smelted into the raw material for helipads to be built at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.

John says: “Without our friend who allows us to use his trailer and the people who donate the bags, our logistical difficulties would be a nightmare. Thank you, to everyone who is supporting us.”

Even during the COVID lockdown, the Rotary Club’s bin at Shepshed is being filled up regularly.

This is how it looked on Wednesday, April 14. But, thanks, to Brenda, H4H was able to empty it immediately.

The H4H Big Red Bin with one bag of overspill next to the yellow Air Ambulance bin for clothes

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