Together, we CAN help air ambulance patients

Helipads For Hospitals founder John Nowell welcomes you to the charity website
Helipads For Hospitals founder John Nowell welcomes you to the charity website
Please click on the photo to see and hear him explain how you can help.

As John explains in the video above, Helipads For Hospitals really does offer a Win-Win:

  • By picking up cans YOU can reduce litter, improving our local environment
  • By recycling aluminium cans, YOU can reduce the need to mine bauxite, the raw material, and save energy
  • By donating cans to Helipads For Hospitals (H4H) YOU could save lives

How can you donate cans?

It’s easy… just e-mail Helipads For Hospitals giving us your street address (including postcode for our SatNav), your telephone number(s) and the number of bags or cans you have.

Where can you donate cans?

This is THE BIG QUESTION we keep getting asked.

We’re working urgently with a number of potential sites to add to the sites like this one in Allington, near Grantham (pictured) where we have one-tonne bags, and in Shepshed and in Sleaford, Lincs, where we have Big Red Bins (BRBs).

John Nowell with a one-tonne bag at Allington, near Grantham
The Big Red Bin at Shepshed, with members of Shepshed Interact Club, who are supporting Helipads For Hospitals

The BRB sponsored by Sleaford Kesteven Rotary

You can see from the photos on this page that several Rotary cubs are supporting H4H by collecting tins and by donating the £600 (inc VAT) to provide Big Red Bins. In fact Rotarians are seeking a matching grant so for every £300 they raise or receive in donations, they can get a further £300, effectively halving the price.

So, if you or your employer has £300 — or even £600 — tucked away in a piggy bank, we would love to hear from you!

How can you help further?

Empty your cans fully — spillages of even a few drops of drinks per can can make our vehicles really stink! (Guinness and Coke seems to to be the worst mix).

But empty cans take up a lot of space, so if you can crush your cans (even if just by stamping on them) means they take up a lot less space in our vehicles. That means we don’t have to make so many journeys, saving time and fuel.

Members of several Freecycle groups have generously donated one-tonne builders’ bags which are in integral part of our logistics operation. If you have any spare big bags, please let us have them. That way, we’ll be recycling more than just aluminium!

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